About Us

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Board is responsible for all aspects of the program. Members are appointed by the Governor from each of the state's nine judicial districts. Members reflect a broad spectrum of interests and experience, and represent wildlife, agriculture, industry, sportsmen, and tourism. Beginning in 2011, Board members will serve a single six-year term at the pleasure of the Governor. The Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the Board.

                                                                              District Map

Meet Your Board Members

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Kim  Floyd

District 1

Mike Massie

District 2 

 Don Schramm

District 3

  Christi Haswell

District 4

 Pidge Fulton

Vice Chairman

District 5

Jacelyn Downey

District 6 

Esther Wagner  

District 7 

JD Williams

District 8

 Steve Meadows


District 9

Meet Your Staff Members

Bob Budd

Executive Director

Hilary Wasserburger

Grants Manager


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 Mike Baker

(District 5)

 Peggy Colson

(District 2)

 Mark Gordon

(District 4)

Delaine Roberts

(District 3) 

Deborah Smith

(District 2)


Hardy Tate

(District 4) 

Mike Thomas

(District 4)

 Robert Anderson

(District 7)

 Gwyn McKee

(District 6) 

 JoAnn Pearson

(District 4)

  Ken Banister

(District 8)