District 8

JD Williams

251 A Greasewood Road

Lusk, Wyo. 82225


District 8

Goshen, Platte, Converse and Niobrara Counties

Term Expires - 2029

JD Williams is a native Wyoming rancher. He has spent the past 30 years in the saddle following cows through their annual production cycle. Grass is his crop; cows are his stewardship tools. Each year gifts him more insight into Mother Nature's rules that are best left unbroken. Riding in the shadow of former generations, his ranching career has demonstrated that the balance between ecological and econimical sustainability is achievable. Originally from Saratoga, JD holds a degree in Ranch Management from the University of Wyoming. 

JD has worked on various ranches in the arid west, but primarily in Wyoming. Since 2000, he has managed the Four Three Ranch in nothern Niobrara County. Often you hear him say that "a neighbor is less about where you live, and more about how you live." He is grateful for every "neighbor" he has had opportunity to work with from near and far. JD has worn the hat of cowboy, rancher, director, legislator, and board member. He is always learning with intent of "better decisions, more of the time" 


His perfect life includes his wife Lisa, son Clayton (Trisha), and daughters Allison and Larkin.