District 2

Mike Massie

1209 W. Hill Road

Laramie, WY 82072

(307) 742-5383

District 2

Albany and Carbon Counties

Term Expires - 2025

Mike Massie retired in 2015 after 35 years of employment in the humanities and education in Wyoming, including a stint as special assistant to the UW president. Mike also served two terms in the Wyoming House of Representatives (1995-1998) and three terms in the Wyoming Senate (1999-2010), where he was instrumental in the early development of the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust.  

Massie was named “legislator of the year” ten times in his tenure, by a diversity of organizations, including the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Wyoming Wildlife Federation, Humane Society, Wyoming Association of Psychologists, Wyoming Speech-Hearing Association, Wyoming Library Association,  Wyoming Youth Services Association, and Wyoming Nurses Association, among others.  In 2010, Massie  competed vigorously in a statewide general election to improve the quality of K-12 education as Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Massie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education from the University of Akron with a major in history and a minor in economics, and a Master of Arts degree in American History from the University of Wyoming, where his major field was American Indian and Western history.

Of his interest in serving on the WWNRT board, Massie says “Our wildlife and natural resources help provide a sense of place for those who call Wyoming home.  Regardless of where a person lives in the state or what one does for a living, most residents value wildlife and the landscape it inhabits.  The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust recognizes this reality by bringing together diverse groups and interests to preserve what is fundamentally valuable about living in this special place.  As board members, we must preserve this collaborative approach as much as safeguarding our wildlife heritage.”