District 9

Teton, Sublette, and Fremont Counties

Human-Grizzly Conflict

September 2015. Placement of bear-resistant food storage containers in areas of high potential for human and Grizzly bear conflict.

Total Project Cost: $173,717WWNRT Funded: $33,749Sponsor: Greater Yellowstone Coalition

East Fork Tributaries

March 2014. Water delivery and management system development on Pine Creek and Meadow Creek in the East Fork drainage, including diversion structures, delivery pipelines, and other irrigation and water management infrastructure.

Total Project Cost: $376,500 WWNRT Funded: $190,000Sponsor: Trout Unlimited

Tolton Ranch Conservation Easement

September 2013. Conservation easement on approximately 1,400 acres near Big Piney.

Total Project Cost: $1,018,150WWNRT Funded: $195,000Sponsor: Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust