District 9

Teton, Sublette, and Fremont Counties

Big Piney - Pinedale Weed

June 2012. Habitat enhancement in areas where natural and prescribed fire were used to enhance aspen will make initial eradication of invasive species to accelerate regeneration of desirable species.

Total Project Cost: $37,940WWNRT Funded: $10,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Duncan Ranch

June 2012. Habitat enhancement by replanting meadows to native grasses and forbs that will serve as winter forage for elk in the East Fork drainage near Dubois. This project will evaluate different methods of revegetation to determine those that have the most potential for large area rehabilitation.

Total Project Cost: $167,365WWNRT Funded: $13,750Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Ryan Wetland

June 2012. Wetland expansion and enhancement to maintain and improve habitat for Trumpeter swans near Jackson.

Total Project Cost: $41,793WWNRT Funded: $15,000Sponsor: The Nature Conservancy

West Fork Long Creek

June 2012. Habitat treatment on Long Creek to remove culverts that are currently barriers to fish movement and increase fish range by 4.3 miles within the watershed.

Total Project Cost: $312,000 WWNRT Funded: $53,000 Sponsor: Shoshone National Forest

Teton Invasives II

June 2012. Eradication of cheatgrass in various habitat types will eliminate spread of annual grass into areas essential for wildlife. This project builds on successful application during first phase of project.

Total Project Cost: $193,975WWNRT Funded: $50,000Sponsor: Teton County Weed and Pest District

Upper Wind River Rx Fire

June 2012. Prescribed fire will reduce encroachment of conifers, remove timber lost to bark beetles, and increase potential for aspen and other desirable habitat types.

Total Project Cost: $201,360WWNRT Funded: $20,000Sponsor: Shoshone National Forest

Rolling Thunder Aspen

June 2012. Prescribed fire and mechanical treatment will be used to eliminate encroaching conifers and enhance recruitment of aspen and other desirable vegetation in an area of high value to elk and mule deer.

Total Project Cost: $256,189WWNRT Funded: $50,000Sponsor: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

North Piney Wetlands

June 2012. Wetland creation in an area that will capture irrigation outflows and natural springs will provide habitat for leopard frogs and a wide array of water birds, including sandhill cranes, long-billed curlew and Trumpeter swans.

Total Project Cost: $32,403WWNRT Funded: $7,500Sponsor: Sublette County Conservation District

Holmes Ditch

June 2012. Fish screen placement on the Holmes Ditch west of Dubois to eliminate fish loss to entrainment in the Wind River fishery.

Project Status: New ProjectTotal Project Cost: $180,000WWNRT Funded: $72,000Sponsor: Wyoming Trout Unlimited

Todd Ditch

June 2012. Irrigation diversion rehab and fish screen on large irrigation project will eliminate entrainment of fish on the blue-ribbon fishery of the Green River near Pinedale.

Total Project Cost: $131,000WWNRT Funded: $45,000Sponsor: Wyoming Trout Unlimited

Sub-Agency Fish Ladder

June 2012. Replacement of irrigation dam structure and inclusion of a fish ladder will reconnect more than 25 miles of stream that were previously inaccessible to migrating fish.

Total Project Cost: $220,000WWNRT Funded: $85,000Sponsor: Wyoming Trout Unlimited