District 4

Sheridan and Johnson Counties

Dunlap Diversion Rehab

March 2013. Stream habitat improvement by removal of fish barriers, instream habitat enhancement and revegetation of streambanks on Piney Creek in Sheridan County, WY

Total Project Cost: $420,654WWNRT Funded: $190,000Sponsor: Apache Foundation

Sheridan Fish Passage

March 2013. Rehabilitation measures to improve fish passage and maintain stream health at five locations within Sheridan County, WY

Total Project Cost: $270,000WWNRT Funded: $122,000Sponsor: Sheridan County Conservation District

Tongue River - Dayton

June 2012. Continued stream enhancement and irrigation improvement on the main stem of the Tongue River near Dayton. This project is a continuing effort to stabilize stream function, while improving the efficiency of water delivery for agriculture.

Total Project Cost: $158,000WWNRT Funded: $60,000Sponsor: Sheridan County Conservation District

Upper Tongue Riparian Habitat

June 2012. Stabilization and recruitment of riparian woody vegetation on the upper Tongue River will stabilize streambanks and improve water quality. This project includes fencing of key habitats to preclude excessive browsing by wildlife in the area.

Total Project Cost: $138,983WWNRT Funded: $31,000Sponsor: Big Horn National Forest

Camp Roberts Reservoir

June 2012. Conservation efforts to expand and enhance shallow water wetlands associated with Camp Roberts Reservoir in Johnson County.

Total Project Cost: $250,216WWNRT Funded: $50,000Sponsor: YMCA of the Bighorns

Buckskin Ed

June 2012. Stream habitat improvements to allow fish passage and eliminate sources of erosion and turbidity in Buckskin Ed Creek in Big Horn County, 30 miles west of Buffalo. Project consists of perched culvert replacement and streambank stabilization.

Total Project Cost: $214,289WWNRT Funded: $30,000Sponsor: Big Horn National Forest

Tenneson Conservation Easement

December 2011. Conservation easement on approximately 535 acres will protect and enhance more than two miles of riparian and stream habitats on Clear Creek and Ulm Creek in Sheridan County. The area holds high importance for Sage-grouse and Sharp-tailed grouse, as well as deer and antelope.

Total Project Cost: $345,000WWNRT Funded: $20,000Sponsor: Sheridan Community Land Trust

Bear Trap Easement

June 2011. Conservation easement on historic livestock trailing route that serves as major migration area for elk, deer, and other species of wildlife west of Kaycee. This project will maintain numerous family agricultural operations and conserve key habitats for a variety of wildlife species in an area highly susceptible to housing development.

Total Project Cost: $261,000WWNRT Funded: $50,000Sponsor: Wyoming Stock Growers Ag Land Trust

South Park Open Space

June 2011. Continuation of efforts to restore natural flow regimes and vegetation within the City of Sheridan. This project will remove Russian olive and saltcedar, and replace invasives with native trees and shrubs.

Total Project Cost: $209,640WWNRT Funded: $50,000Sponsor: City of Sheridan

Barnum Mahogany

June 2011. Removal of encroaching conifers to stimulate production of mountain mahogany, a key winter forage for mule deer near Barnum.

Total Project Cost: $105,409WWNRT Funded: $40,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Barnum Mahogany

March 2011. Mechanical removal and treatment of encroaching conifers in native mountain mahogany stands on approximately 1,200 acres 17 miles west of Kaycee

Total Project Cost: $105,409WWNRT Funded: $38,097.02Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish