District 3

Lincoln, Uinta, and Sweetwater Counties

Gooseberry Creek- Sweetwater County

June 2012. In conjunction with culvert removal on the same tributary, this project will remove two barriers to fish passage on the main stem of Gooseberry Creek south of Green River. Additional efforts to restore Colorado River cutthroat trout include local Boy Scout efforts to establish “hatching boxes” to increase the recruitment of native fish in the system.

Total Project Cost: $197,500WWNRT Funded: $60,000Sponsor: Wyoming Trout Unlimited

Seedskadee Sills

June 2012. Replacement and restoration of rock structures on the Green River in the Seedskadee Wildlife Refuge will maintain wetland habitats and improve stream habitats for fish.

Total Project Cost: $166,168WWNRT Funded: $63,220Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Red Creek Conservation Easement

March 2012. Purchase of conservation easement on approximately 4,500 acres of private land in Sweetwater County, WY

Total Project Cost: $3,400,000WWNRT Funded: $625,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish

Shell Oil Farson IV

March 2012. Development of water delivery systems and rangeland enhancements to benefit Sage-grouse, mule deer and other species in Sweetwater county.

Total Project Cost: $339,170WWNRT Funded: $339,170Sponsor: Mule Deer Foundation

Seedskadee Ramp Fish Screen

March 2012. Placement of fish screen structures on the Green River within the Seedskadee Wildlife Refuge

Total Project Cost: $142,240WWNRT Funded: $71,120Sponsor: Trout Unlimited