District 3

Lincoln, Uinta, and Sweetwater Counties

Chain Lakes Well

December 2011. Water development and distribution in an arid landscape in Carbon and Sweetwater counties will provide better management of livestock and delivery of water for wildlife species.

Total Project Cost: $50,000WWNRT Funded: $12,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Gooseberry Culvert

December 2011. Removal and replacement of perched culvert that creates a barrier to spawning of Colorado River cutthroat trout in southern Sweetwater County.

Total Project Cost: $78,461WWNRT Funded: $20,000Sponsor: Wyoming Trout Unlimited

Siebert Wetlands

December 2011. Wetland creation and restoration on approximately 65 acres of historic habitat in the Bridger Valley. Long-term efforts will include stabilization of deep water habitats and expansion of wetland values to improve breeding, nesting and transitory habitats.

Total Project Cost: $110,000WWNRT Funded: $20,000Sponsor: Uinta County Conservation District

Buck Ranch Easement

June 2011. Conservation easement on Ham's Fork River bottomlands and Sage-grouse habitats in uplands on historic Lincoln County ranch. This project will maintain family agricultural operation and conserve habitats for moose, elk, mule deer, cutthroat trout and water birds.

Total Project Cost: $663,200WWNRT Funded: $180,00 Sponsor: Wyoming Stock Growers Ag Land Trust

Eastside Fish Ladder

June 2011. Modification of stream diversion to allow fish access up- and downstream on the Salt River in Star Valley.

Total Project Cost: $55,000WWNRT Funded: $20,000Sponsor: Trout Unlimited

Spring Creek Fish Passage

June 2011. Modification of irrigation diversion on Spring Creek near Cokeville to improve water use efficiency and allow Bonneville cutthroat spawning access to upper reaches of several spawning streams.

Total Project Cost: $115,000WWNRT Funded: $45,000Sponsor: Trout Unlimited

Kemmerer Backcountry

June 2011. Aggressive removal of invasive species in backcountry areas of the Wyoming Range north of Kemmerer.

Total Project Cost: $101,000WWNRT Funded: $20,000Sponsor: U.S. Forest Service

Flaming Gorge Invasive Removal

June 2011. Removal of invasive species along Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Total Project Cost: $217,500WWNRT Funded: $60,000Sponsor: U.S. Forest Service

Green River Greenbelt II

June 2011. Continuation of efforts to restore natural flow regimes and vegetation within the City of Green River.

Total Project Cost: $220,000WWNRT Funded: $80,000Sponsor: City of Green River