District 9

Teton, Sublette, and Fremont Counties

Red Canyon Fence

March 2018. Removal and replacement of wire mesh fence in an area with high travel and use by wintering mule deer on the Lander Front.

Total Project Cost: $37,500WWNRT Funded: $10,000Sponsor: The Nature Conservancy

Teton to Snake Invasives

March 2018. Project includes a combination of mechanical thinning and prescribed fire along the boundary of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Wilson, WY to ensure that native vegetation is established and maintained in the fuels treatment units. Noxious weeds will be treated with herbicides before and after fuels treatments on, and adjacent to, 3 burn units and 14 mechanical units (total 529 treatment acres) on the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Total Project Cost: $176,060WWNRT Funded: $75,000Sponsor: U.S. Forest Service, Bridger-Teton National Forest

Pape-Miller Mule Deer

March 2018. Improvement of rangeland condition for mule deer through mechanical, chemical, and fire application and fencing.

Total Project Cost: $355,360WWNRT Funded: $63,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Soda Lake Fence

March 2018. Fence modification and construction with steel pipe to allow migration of mule deer and elk in an area of high importance for wintering and transitional movement.

Total Project Cost: $450,944WWNRT Funded: $95,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

River Bend Ranch Fish Passage

March 2018. River stabilization and irrigation integration to combine four push-up dams into a single canal that will eliminate fish barriers on the Hoback River through placement of instream structures.

Total Project Cost: $213,180WWNRT Funded: $65,000Sponsor: Trout Unlimited

Skyline Fuels 2018

March 2018. Mechanical treatment and prescribed fire to remove invasive conifers on U.S. Forest Service lands near Pinedale, Wyoming.

Total Project Cost: $620,112WWNRT Funded: $140,000Sponsor: USFS - Bridger-Teton National Forest

Upper Green Fence

March 2018. Reconstruction and restoration of wildlife-friendly fence in an area where high migrational mule deer, antelope and elk traffic occurs each year.

Total Project Cost: $176,000WWNRT Funded: $27,000Sponsor: Upper Green River Cattle Association