District 9

Teton, Sublette, and Fremont Counties

Pete's Pond

September 2016. Wetland creation and enhancement to provide handicapped fishing access and wetland benefits to fish, amphibians, waterfowl, wading birds and other avian species in the Town of Dubois.

Total Project Cost: $597,542WWNRT Funded: $290,000Sponsor: Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group

Rolling Thunder Conservation Easement II

September 2016. Restriction on housing development through a perpetual conservation easement on approximately 340 acres of highly vulnerable habitat for elk, mule deer, moose, bighorn sheep and a variety of other species.

Total Project Cost: $876,000WWNRT Funded: $190,000Sponsor: The Conservation Fund

Wyoming Range Mule Deer III

September 2016. Habitat treatments including mechanical, prescribed fire, invasive species eradication, fencing and other actions on a large landscape of approximately 2,000,000 acres of private, state and public lands in Sublette County.

Total Project Cost: $5,070,028WWNRT Funded: $1,500,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Table Mountain Conservation Easement

September 2016. Purchase of conservation easement on approximately 2,100 acres of private land in Teton County.

Total Project Cost: $620,800WWNRT Funded: $65,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Red Canyon Creek

September 2016. Structural enhancements within the full reach of Red Canyon Creek in Fremont County.

Total Project Cost: $77,254WWNRT Funded: $20,000Sponsor: The Nature Conservancy

Government Draw Invasives

September 2016. Watershed improvement through eradication of invasive and noxious species by mechanical, chemical and other treatments.

Total Project Cost: $652,500WWNRT Funded: $200,000Sponsor: Fremont County Weed and Pest District