District 3

Lincoln, Uinta, and Sweetwater Counties

Avocet Pond

December 2007. Expansion of shallow-water wetland complex adjacent to Flaming Gorge reservoir. Provides migratory and nesting habitat for a large array of waterfowl and wetland birds.

Total Project Cost: $160,000WWNRT Funded: $75,000Sponsor: Ashley National Forest

Red Rim Habitat Enhancement

December 2007. Sagebrush treatments to improve the quality and quantity of winter browse for elk, deer, and antelope, and to enhance age-class diversity of sagebrush for Sage-grouse.

Total Project Cost: $132,000WWNRT Funded: $30,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Diamond H Easement

December 2007. Conservation easement on approximately 3,000 acres of crucial habitat for mule deer, elk, moose, Sage-grouse and other species in Lincoln County. Key spawning and migratory habitat for Colorado River cutthroat trout.

Total Project Cost: $2,000,000WWNRT Funded: $300,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Greys River Invasives II

September 2007. Noxious weed control to sustain wildlife habitat

Total Project Cost: $72,500WWNRT Funded: $15,000Sponsor: U.S. Forest Service

Northern Basin Water

June 2007

Protection of water sources, springs and wetlands in Chain Lakes region of Sweetwater County. This will enhance livestock management, and provide water sources for a variety of wildlife, including waterfowl.

Total Project Cost: $22,800WWNRT Funded: $9,500Sponsor: Bureau of Land Management - Rawlins

Elk Mountain/Red Canyon Prescribed Burn

June 2007. Prescribed fire and mechanical treatment to stimulate grasslands and sagebrush in southern Lincoln County. Project is expansion of ongoing efforts, and will create mosaic burns on approximately 20,000 acres.

Total Project Cost: $375,000WWNRT Funded: $100,000Sponsor: Bureau of Land Management - Kemmerer

Grade Creek

June 2007. Restoration of major Bonneville cutthroat spawning tributary to Smith's Fork River near Cokeville. This project will enhance irrigation and stock water, while returning streamflow to an historic channel.

Total Project Cost: $293,000WWNRT Funded: $90,000Sponsor: Trout Unlimited