District 3

Lincoln, Uinta, and Sweetwater Counties

Deer-Elk Ecology

September 2017. Research and vegetation inventory on rangelands through mule deer and elk collaring and recapture to evaluate animal condition , diets, survival rates and competition between species in an area of critical importance for large ungulates.

Total Project Cost: $1,420,233WWNRT Funded: $145,000Sponsor: University of Wyoming

Nelson Diversion

March 2017. Reconstruction of diversion structure to allow fish passage in a river system of high importance to native fishes.

Total Project Cost: $44,475WWRNT Funded: $13,000Sponsor: Trout Unlimited

Beaver Creek Riparian

March 2017. Installation of riparian fence to provide habitat and channel stream stability improvements through fencing approximately 134 acres of riparian habitat in Uinta County.

Total Project Cost: $155,000WWRNT Funded: $15,000Sponsor: Trout Unlimited

LaBarge Creek Culverts

March 2017. Stream habitat improvements through replacement of culverts that block spawning fish movement in various locations on LaBarge Creek, Lincoln County.

Total Project Cost: $462,424WWRNT Funded: $198,000Sponsor: Trout Unlimited

Little Mountain Aspen

March 2017. Construction of 3,800 feet of "steel jack fence: to be used to protect existing aspen stands from excessive herbivory from elk, wild horses and livestock.

Total Project Cost: $110,400WWRNT Funded: $36,000Sponsor: Muley Fanatic Foundation

Cokeville Tri-Diversion

March 2017. Reconstruction of irrigation diversion to allow fish passage and maintain integrity of natural stream channel on the Smith's Fork River in Lincoln County.

Total Project Costs: $541,452WWNRT Funded: $91,010Sponsor: Cokeville Watershed Improvement District

Mill Creek Sagebrush

March 2017. Treatment and reduction of Basin big sagebrush on wildlife and livestock range to increase forage production and quality of browse in an area of high importance to mule deer, elk and antelope in Lincoln County.

Total Project Cost: $58,150WWNRT Funded: $20,000Sponsor: Lincoln County Conservation District

LaBarge Fence Modifications

March 2017. Habitat enhancement by fence removal and modifications to improve forage management and allow wildlife migration and movement in Lincoln County.

Total Project Cost: $140,712WWNRT Funded: $150,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish