District 1

Laramie County

Wildlife Escape Ramps II

Installation of approx. 2,500 escape ramps retro-fitted into existing livestock and wildlife water tanks throughout Wyoming.

Total Project Cost: $241,600WWNRT Funded: $79,987.65Sponsor: Niobrara Conservation District

Iron Mountain Rx

Rangeland enhancement through prescribed fire and other appropriate treatments on native rangelands in southeastern Wyoming

Total Project Cost: $135,800WWNRT Funded: $25,000Sponsor: Wyoming Game and Fish

Green Conservation Easement

Conservation of a large landscape through the placement of a permanent conservation easement

Total Project Cost: $823,500WWNRT Funded: $190,000Sponsor: The Nature Conservancy

Emmanuel Farms Wetland

Stream habitat improvements and diversion to create approximately five acres of shallow wetlands on the lower reaches of Crow Creek.

Total Project Cost: $87,106WWNRT Funded: $28,000Sponsor: Laramie County Conservation District

Jawbone Gulch Conservation Easement

Purchase of conservation easement on approximately 560 acres of private land in Laramie County, WY

Total Project Cost: $1,167,860WWNRT Funded: $195,000Sponsor: Laramie Wyoming Stock Growers Ag Land Trust